Beyonce And Jay Z Reportedly Ditch Kanye West Because They Don’t Trust Him

Beyonce and Jay Z were once pals with Kanye West, but according to one source, that has all changed recently after the rapper revealed a series of texts from Kris Jenner. As OK! magazine reported, the surprising revelation has prompted Beyonce and Jay Z to question whether or not they can trust Kanye.

“This is a man who leaked texts from his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner. If Kanye feels comfortable leaking private [correspondence] from family members, he wouldn’t think twice to expose friends,” the insider claimed.

The individual added Beyonce doesn’t like the turmoil that Kanye seems to invite and her husband is behind her 100 percent.

“Beyonce has no time for this, she hates the circus he has created around himself and refuses to be part of it. Jay has more patience and sympathy towards Kanye’s mental health struggles, but if the choice is between a friend and his wife, his wife will win every single time,” the source said.

Beyonce and Jay Z aren’t the only ones trying to get some distance between themselves and the controversial Yeezy mogul.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are no longer close friends with the rapper, the source said.

While his family is standing by him through it all, Kanye’s behavior has also prompted some concern about how to communicate with him and whether their correspondence will remain private.

“Even members of the Kardashian family now think twice before they hit reply to his latest rants,” the insider said.

Apparently, Kanye makes it a habit to get a screenshot of the conversations he has. In the past, he has released some of these screenshots to the public, as he did with a conversation between himself and Kris.

He also revealed during a campaign speech that he and wife Kim Kardashian had considered aborting their first child North, a move that many saw as a betrayal of familial trust.

Another insider said this behavior forced people close to him to assume that anything they say to him via text could end up being made public.

They added that while many of his famous pals could turn a blind eye during some of his more controversial rants and unpopular political views, it was impossible to maintain trust when he showed he was willing to betray those closest to him.

Some suggest he won’t be invited to private events and parties any longer. He allegedly has been trying to reach out to friends recently, only to be ignored or rebuffed.

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