Sofia Vergara Freaks Fans Out With Eye-Popping Hidden Talent During ‘AGT’ Segment Featuring Ed O’Neill

Wednesday night’s episode of America’s Got Talent was full of surprises, and many of them involved celebrity judge Sofia Vergara.

After the show aired, Sofia, 48, took to Instagram to share a brief video clip of one of the night’s most memorable moments. It showed the Modern Family star demonstrating her odd hidden talent, which involved making one of her eyelids appear to droop significantly while she opened the other eye extremely wide.

You can see her post here.

She showed off her strange skill during a segment that gave a few lucky AGT fans the opportunity to remotely interact with Sofia and two of her fellow judges, Heidi Klum and Howie Mandel. One viewer named Will revealed that his dream was to judge an act on the show, and he asked the foursome if any of them had any secret talents that he could critique via video chat. Sofia was the only one who offered to put on a mini-act, and her eyeball gymnastics had Heidi wanting to know how she performed the trick.

“I don’t know, but it does this thing when I want it to,” Sofia said.

Her eye-popping stunt earned her a golden buzzer from Will. He had created one out of a plastic lid, and he dropped a handful of gold and silver paper over his head as he slammed one hand down on it. You can watch Sofia make it through to the live shows below.

Over on her Instagram page, some of the actress’ fans let her know that they were a bit freaked out by her secret skill.

“Well I’m going to have nightmares now,” remarked one person.

“Creepy,” read another comment.

“What is happening,” a third person wanted to know.

However, a few of her followers couldn’t get over how gorgeous she looked, even as she contorted her face.

“You giving us a ‘freak’ look is still more beautiful than most women trying to get their ‘seductive’ on,” read one message.

Later on in the segment, she was in for a special surprise when “Ed in Hawaii” was introduced as the next video chat guest. The actress let out a delighted scream when she realized that her Modern Family co-star, Ed O’Neill, was greeting her from the big screen in front of the judges.

“My husband! Where are you? I miss you so much!” she said.

Sofia hilariously informed her TV spouse that she hadn’t fallen down since joining the AGT cast, which prompted Ed to explain that she was always taking a spill on the set of their ABC sitcom.

“It’s like a puppet and somebody cuts the strings,” he said. “Straight down.”

And speaking of puppets, the actor asked Heidi and Howie if Sofia had shown them “her ventriloquist thing with Uncle Grumpy.” On Modern Family, her character, Gloria, was a former beauty queen who performed with a ventriloquist dummy during pageants. Sofia seemed to hint that Uncle Grumpy might make a future appearance on America’s Got Talent when she teased that she had a “surprise” for her fellow judges.

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