Alexis Bledel Talks Engagement Ring, Wedding Plans

Alexis Bledel recently took a moment to discuss her new engagement ring and the plans surrounding her upcoming wedding.

The 31-year-old actress showed off the diamond ring for the very first time during her appearance at the Remembering Sunday premiere in California. Although Bledel is extremely happy with the ring, she revealed that her fiance Vincent Kartheiser picked it out.

As for the wedding itself, the former Gilmore Girls star revealed that she doesn’t intend to make plans all by herself. In addition to picking out the ring, Alexis Bledel stated that Kartheiser intend to make all of the preparations as a couple.

Although the pair fully intend to walk down the aisle at some point in the near future, the actress said they hadn’t started making plans for the wedding just yet.

Vincent Kartheiser practiced his proposal on his Mad Men co-stars before finally popping the question to Bledel. Elisabeth Moss and Jessica Pare both served as stand-ins for his fiance-to-be.

“It was purely comedic but he was giving [Elisabeth] and I a facetious rendition of his planned proposal. We were like, ‘Great! Lets do this one without cursing and without yelling!'” Pare explained to the folks at People.

Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser struck up a romantic relationship during the fifth season of AMC’s hit television series. Bledel portrayed the mistress of Kartheiser’s character on the show. The two became engaged last month after dating for roughly a year.

The actress’ engagement ring is described as featuring a “large, round-cut diamond set on a vintage platinum band.”

Prior to getting together with her Mad Men co-star, Alexis Bledel dated former Gilmore Girls and Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia for several years.

If you’re curious to see Alex Bledel’s engagement ring, be sure to swing by Us Weekly for some close-up photos of the item in question.

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