Leah Remini Shares Silly Selfie During ‘Scientology’ Podcast: ‘Something Stinks’

Leah Remini shared a silly selfie during the recording of the latest episode of her podcast Scientology: Fair Game. She hosts the weekly interview and information series with Mike Rinder, her co-host of the A&E series Scientology and the Aftermath. Together they continue to dispel what they believe are untruths within the organization and welcome guests who have been affected by the religious group’s practices directly.

In the image, Leah scrunched up her nose and mouth, likely in response to a particular discussion shared during the online radio show. She looked lovely in the share.

Leah wore a denim shirt with long sleeves. On her neck were two gold necklaces, which lent a glow to her tanned body. Her left wrist displayed several gold bracelets of different styles. Plain, thin, gold hoops dangled from her earlobes.

In the snap, Lea wore her dark hair blown out loosely, and the ends were curled under. Blond highlights could be seen throughout her tresses, particularly around her hairline, which appeared to brighten her face.

On her eyes, Leah wore a pair of black eyeglasses.


She appeared to be recording her online radio show in her home. The white-painted room had coordinating wood trim. Lower-level cabinetry was seen on the left-hand side of the photo. Behind Leah, there was a white sofa. A black microphone was positioned in front of her mouth so she could communicate with Mike as they discussed certain topics pertinent to the recorded episode.

In the caption of the share, Leah revealed that “something stinks” and that was part of the topic she discussed while creating her latest online episode. She also informed her followers where they could listen to the recording and where they could find information regarding the religion and its practices.

Fans of the former King of Queens star loved the pic. They posted their feelings regarding Leah’s latest work in the comments section of the share.

“Absolutely loving the podcast! You and Mike are doing something amazing! Keep going,” said one follower.

“Always looking SO Beautiful as you’re digging much deeper and keep telling the whole world the truth! And yes, Scientology stinks, but you’re the one that will finally put the stench out! Brava!” applauded a second fan.

“Love this podcast. Miss the show but this is very informative and reveals a lot of information fans couldn’t get to see on the series. Good luck,” remarked a third fan.

“You guys are amazing, fight the good fight,” shared a fourth Instagram user.