'General Hospital' Spoilers For Wednesday: Brook Lynn Faces Big Questions After Her Attack

Wednesday's General Hospital spoilers indicate that Brook Lynn Quartermaine's recollection of her attack could be central to dealing with Nelle Benson in the days ahead. Brook Lynn regained consciousness during Tuesday's show and she'll be facing questions during the August 26 episode.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter shows that Sonny Corinthos will manage to get in to see Brook Lynn soon after she regains consciousness. People quickly speculated that Nelle may have been the one who attacked Brook Lynn in the dressing room and Sonny wants to confirm it.

Those connected to Michael already feel certain that Nelle was the one who kidnapped Wiley. Now, if they can confirm that she's also the one who attacked Brook Lynn, it'll give them a better sense of what's going on.

Sonny will ask Brook Lynn if it was Nelle who was responsible for the attack. In the preview, she looks stressed as she faces this question, and Portia had warned everybody that her recollection of what happened might be fuzzy.

Based on General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, it sounds as if Brook Lynn might be able to remember what happened. Sonny is said to receive the confirmation he has wanted, which would certainly sync with the idea that Brook Lynn is able to recall her encounter with Nelle.

As Sonny works on this angle, General Hospital teasers detail that Chase will meet with the woman who talked with Nelle on the dark, deserted road. The detective may still be a step or two behind Nelle at this stage, but he's closing in on her quite quickly and he is fully determined to catch up to her.

Whether it's Sonny or Chase who tracks her down first, she may want to be prepared for this to get ugly. General Hospital teasers hint that the walls will probably close in on her quickly and Sonny has vowed to take care of this.

Chase finding Nelle isn't necessarily the less dangerous option for her though. He's immune to her manipulations at this stage given their intense history. In addition, he's shown that he has his moments of being willing to step outside the lines of being a straight and narrow detective when absolutely necessary.

Wednesday's episode will mostly focus on this Wiley situation. Carly will stay by Michael's side, and Sasha will reach out to Willow to lend her support. General Hospital spoilers have not yet pinpointed exactly when Wiley will be found, or what the future holds for Nelle, but the August 26 episode is sure to be an intense one.