Marie Osmond Shares Nostalgic Video As She Returns To Her Childhood Home While Filming Christmas Movie In Utah

Marie Osmond took a drive down memory lane while shooting a holiday movie in Utah.

In a new video shared to her Instagram page, the 60-year-old singer returned to her childhood home. In the clip, The Talk star was driving as she showed an unidentified friend where she grew up. As they approached the house, Marie shared memories of fishing in the pond on the property and having fun with her brothers on a sledding hill. She also said that she and her brother Donny had a bicycle built for two that they would ride together back then.

In the video, Marie pointed out that all of the large pine trees on the property were planted by her family. As she pulled into a driveway, a large ranch-style property came into full view. She pointed out where the family’s garden used to be and revealed that the washing machine had been in the garage. The singer also revealed that the house was built by her Uncle Ralph, who is her father’s brother.

In the caption, Marie wrote that the Christmas movie she is currently shooting is being filmed in Huntsville, Utah, which is right near the road she grew up on. She added that she was thrilled to have the chance to do a drive-by because she has so many wonderful memories of living there.

In the comments section, fans reacted to Marie’s nostalgia-filled return to her former residence.

“That’s so cool you got to go back to the house that you grew up in. It was meant to be that you go back to see your childhood home while filming your Christmas movie,” one fan wrote.

‘That is wonderful to see. Wow talk about full circle of life and blessings,” added another.

Others asked Marie if she knocked on the door to surprise the current owners.

“I want to see the cool fun conversation with the owners of the house when you say HI to them,” a third follower quipped.

Marie’s sweet return to her childhood neighborhood can be seen below.

Marie was born in Ogden, Utah in 1959 and was the eighth of nine children of George and Olive Osmond. Fans know that in recent years she lived in Las Vegas while performing in a residency with Donny at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino.

Marie did not mention the name of the holiday project she is shooting near her former residence. Last year she starred in the fittingly titled Lifetime movie The Road Home for Christmas.