Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn Does Squats Over Toilet In Video Demonstrating ‘Insane Workouts’

Lindsey Vonn revealed that her personal trainer, celebrity fitness guru Gunnar Peterson, has a very unusual piece of equipment in his gym. On Tuesday, the former professional skier took to Instagram to share a montage of five of the “most insane workouts” that Gunnar has had her do, and one of them involved the use of a commode.

Lindsey, 35, wasn’t wearing the same athletic gear in each of the brief clips, which indicated that she wasn’t performing all of the unique exercises during the same sweat session. However, most of the ensembles she was shown rocking appeared to include skintight leggings and sports bras from Project Rock, the line of fitness apparel created by actor Dwayne Johnson. In a previous video, the former professional wrestler once known as “The Rock” was filmed spotting Lindsey as she did squats with massive chains instead of weights. However, that particular workout didn’t make the cut in her latest Instagram upload.

Lindsey kicked things off with some intense cardio. The athlete got a full-body workout on a machine called “Jacobs Ladder,” which is like a treadmill in ladder form. She kept her hands and legs moving with the ladder’s rotating rungs as she climbed it at a steep angle. Her next exercise was barbell squats with large weights and one big twist — there was an open toilet behind her. She squatted down to touch the seat of the porcelain throne with her pert backside before rising back up.

Up next, Lindsey was shown lying on her stomach on a raised weight bench. She was holding two cables while making rapid motions with her arms as if she were swimming. Her fourth exercise involved the use of a heavy steel mace, which is a weapon-like piece of fitness equipment that consists of a long bar with a round weighted end. Lindsey swung it down in front of her like a sledgehammer, hitting a thick mat that made it bounce back.

For her final move, she worked her core by placing her hands on the end of a moving treadmill so that she was in the plank position. She had to keep moving her hands to remain upright, and Gunnar made things even more challenging by placing small balls on the rubber tread. Lindsey had to grab them and place them off to the sides before they shot off the back of the machine.

The soundtrack that the Olympic gold medalist chose for her fierce footage was the Kanye West song “The New Workout Plan.”

In the comments section of her post, Lindsey’s followers praised her for working so hard. The toilet emoji also made more than a few appearances there.

“I love fact that he uses a real toilet in his exercise equipment,” wrote one fan.

“I’m getting fit just watching you!” another fan said.

“I am sore from watching that,” a similar remark read.

“They all seem terrible,” wrote Today Show host Savannah Guthrie in response to the question in Lindsey’s caption.

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