Seal Accuses Heidi Klum Of ‘Hidden Agenda’ In Wanting To Bring Kids To Germany, Court Documents Reveal

Seal is trying to block ex-wife Heidi Klum from taking their four kids with her to Germany. The singer is afraid she has a “hidden agenda” for the move, according to court documents acquired by Hollywood Life.

In the declaration, the 57-year-old explained his concern over the former couple’s offspring, Helene, 16, Henry, 14, Johan, 13, and Lou, 10, being potentially stuck in Europe amid the uncertainty of the global coronavirus pandemic.

“I believe Heidi has a hidden agenda to move the children to Germany,” Seal stated in the legal document. “Notwithstanding Heidi’s request, if granted, could in effect move the children away from me and their home here in Los Angeles to Germany for what could be an indefinite period of time given the uncertainty of the impact of COVID-19 on this country’s and Germany’s travel restrictions which could change at any time and prevent the children from leaving Germany or entering the United States.”

As previously reported by People on August 20, Heidi called for an emergency hearing to request bringing the children with her overseas to film America’s Next Top Model later this year. Although she and Seal share custody, the 47-year-old hinted at her ex’s possible negligent behavior in her declaration, noting his interactions with the kids are “sporadic at best.”

Heidi also shared how she is “well aware” of the “necessary precautions” needed to be taken for international travel and would be willing to modify the previously arranged custody schedule with her ex to allow for the adjustments. She also added that while the former couple divorced in 2014, the children spend the majority of the year with her. Furthermore, she noted that if their father wanted to visit them while overseas, he could do so.

Now, Seal is seemingly striking back with a few claims of his own, stating that he has always shared a “close bond” with the kids and has tried to spend “as much time as possible” with them while not busy working.

The British singer-songwriter noted his concern over leaving his family in Europe, afraid of the “permanent impact” it could have on that aforementioned bond. As cited by Hollywood Life, he explained how “difficult” his ex allegedly makes it to see their kids, fearing her desire to take them to Germany resulting in their not being able to return to the U.S. Moreover, Seal shared his intention in the court document to prepare “an opposition” to Heidi’s request.

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