Rihanna Rumors Swirl After Repeated Show Cancellations

Rihanna rumors have the internet in a tailspin after the pop singer cancelled a fourth stop on her Diamonds tour earlier this week. She backed out of a Houston show on Monday, a Dallas concert on April 12, and two other scheduled performances back in March.

Last month her representatives told TMZ that she had a throat infection. It was the end of flu season, so the claim wasn’t too weird.

However, the infection seems to have gone on for an awful long time.

And another gossip site, Hollywood Life, published a photograph that they said showed Rihanna leaving a doctor’s office in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. She was making a gesture that could be construed as being protective of her stomach — admittedly odd for a throat infection.

When a young woman is sick to her stomach, then it’s a given that some people will guess that she’s pregnant. And, indeed, many of the Rihanna rumors running wild are claiming that she’s having a baby with on-again, off-again erstwhile girlfriend beater Chris Brown.

However, there’s another rumor swirling — that she partied a little too hard in Vegas and let down her fans further down the line. Rihanna has posted some perhaps ill-advised photos and comments to Instagram, and a lot of people have left some pretty peeved-off posts as a result. Much of the language used both to attack and defend Rihanna for the no-shows can’t really be described in a family publication.

However, one angry fan left a message that we can pass on:

“Stop cancelling your shows. You weren’t sick when u were getting high at Coachella.”

I think I like this tweet on the whole brouhaha:

Yall mad Rihanna cancelled her concert but you was in row 2000, seat 2000.. you wasnt gone be able to tell who was on stage anyway bruh

— Blood De’Grate (@BloodDegrate) April 16, 2013

Here’s one of the tweets that angered fans who thought Rihanna didn’t have her mind on the tour:

What’s your take on the Rihanna rumors?

[Rihanna photo by Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]