Kansas City Chiefs Were ‘Saved’ From The Distraction That Is Earl Thomas By The Baltimore Ravens, Analyst Says

The Kansas City Chiefs showed quite a bit of interest in Earl Thomas over the years. In the end, they were never able to land him. Matt Conner of Arrowhead Addict wrote on Saturday that the Baltimore Ravens are the latest squad that actually did the Chiefs a favor by getting in their way.

On Friday, the Ravens sent the safety home after he reportedly got into a fight with a teammate. The skirmish with Chuck Clark is allegedly just the latest incident.

Thomas’ current team is getting very close to being fed up with the defender entirely. There are reports that some on the squad want the front office to send him home for good. This is despite the fact that he’s a good enough player that he’s made the Pro Bowl seven times.

Jason LaConfara wrote on Twitter that the franchise’s leadership council has told the top brass they don’t want to see the safety any more. If he is eventually released, it would be despite the fact that he carries a sizable cap penalty. LaConfara believes a “conduct detrimental” clause could get the Ravens out of having to pay that penalty.

Conner said that while that club’s front office tries to decide what to do with the player, the Chiefs are able to sit back and breathe a sigh of relief they aren’t the ones dealing with the issue.

He said that back in 2018, the Seattle Seahawks were looking to trade the defensive back. The Chiefs came calling, but in the end, the two sides couldn’t make a deal.

During the 2018 offseason, the Chiefs were once again believed to be major pursuers of the safety. They ended up losing a bidding war to Baltimore, who signed him to a four-year contract worth up to $55 million.

Thomas himself thought the Chiefs were going to sign him. In talking to his team’s official website, he talked about how he thought he’d be playing alongside Patrick Mahomes, not Lamar Jackson at one point.

“I thought I was gonna go to Kansas City on, like, a two-year deal, one-year deal. I was just gonna better myself and hit the market again. Then my agents called me, David Mulugheta and Andrew Kessler. I talked to them on the phone and they said, ‘Baltimore has a mega-deal for you.” I said, “Hell yeah! That’s where I’m going.'”

Conner said believes the Chiefs dodged a bullet by not ponying up the cash the player wanted and his recent issues with his current teammates are just further proof of that.

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