Tim Tebow Practiced Tai Chi To Improve QB Skills

Tim Tebow incorporated Tai Chi into his training regimen to improve his quarterback mechanics.

So says independent QB coach Steve Clarkson who worked with Tebow in February and claims that Tebow has upgraded his skills in part by shortening his throwing motion. Clarkson added that Tebow’s footwork has in the past hampered his passing accuracy.

Tai Chi is a unique “internal” martial art that offers numerous benefits to students of any age: health and physical fitness, moving meditation, self defense, stress reduction, and so on. Students who go to class after a hard day’s work find themselves energized and uplifted by the time the session ends.

Expectations are that the beleaguered New York Jets backup quarterback and former Florida Gators Heisman Trophy winner will be traded or cut before next week’s NFL draft. Tebow is nonetheless training with team during voluntary off-season workouts, however. Tebow got very little playing time in New York which raises a question as to why the team traded for him in the first place. Last season saw Tebow throw just eight passes and carry the ball only 32 times. The Jets added David Garrard to their roster so there is really no room for Tebow even if starter Mark Sanchez continues to underperform.

Clarkson is firmly in Tebow’s corner: “I would hope wherever he ends up, they give him an opportunity to play, because if they do, they’ll be pleasantly surprised. I think the guy can still play.”

Most NFL experts or so-called experts claim that Tim Tebow isn’t up to the job of NFL quarterback. Many of these same football experts also insisted that the Baltimore Ravens with Joe Flacco had no chance to win the Super Bowl.

On the subject of Tebow’s football footwork, Clarkson noted that “A lot of what was happening with his throwing motion and why it was elongated was because of the way he placed his feet at the end of his drop … So that was one thing that we really honed in on, was trying to tie his feet up … Most of what people have talked about in his throwing motion were really based on his footwork.”

As far as Tim Tebow and Tai Chi, Clarkson explained, “There was a lot of Tai Chi that we kind of put into his workouts where we really taught him to make his body work as one unit … Most people who watch him will say for the most part that he has his moments when he throws in rhythm, he throws quite well. It’s when he had to reset himself, that’s when he would tend to get off balance and the ball would come off in an unnatural manner.”

Do you think that Tim Tebow deserves a chance to play quarterback in the NFL? Is he qualified to do so?

Have you ever practiced Tai Chi?

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