‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers & Updates: Reality Steve Reveals The Latest On Clare Crawley & Tayshia Adams’ Run

The Bachelorette spoilers for Season 16 suggest that fans have quite the wild ride ahead of them. Blogger Reality Steve has been dishing out details as he has confirmed them, and his Thursday morning podcast revealed the latest scoop he’s managed to pin down. Both Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adams are reportedly looking for love this time around and it sounds as if non-traditional “hometown dates” are on the horizon.

A couple of weeks ago, fans went wild as The Bachelorette spoilers about Clare’s journey started to swirl. ABC still has not officially confirmed any of what’s said to have happened. However, the buzz is that she found love almost immediately and Tayshia has taken over to look for love herself.

In his new podcast, Reality Steve said he’s getting close to pinning down specifics regarding which men are still involved. He detailed that he believes the final rose ceremony should take place in around seven to 10 days. A premiere date has not yet been announced, but it is looking likely that mid-September is when everybody can start watching the drama unfold.

Filming is reaching the point where, traditionally, the lead visits the hometowns of the final four contestants to meet everybody’s families. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the isolation precautions that production has implemented, these gatherings will be done differently than is typical.

Reality Steve’s teasers revealed that family members and friends of the final guys have been brought to the La Quinta Resort where everything is taking place. They were expected to be tested and isolated for at least a few days and then they would film their meetings with Tayshia.

The blogger’s new podcast included Entertainment Weekly‘s Kristen Baldwin and they dug into many of the questions revolving around how production is doing The Bachelorette. One significant topic of discussion was regarding the testing and isolating needs given the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As the two said, over the past week or so, it has become clear that people being added to The Bachelorette filming are not isolating for a full two weeks before interacting with others. The spoiler king noted that a 14-day quarantine is not necessarily the standard across the country though. As a result, that may partially explain how producers seem to be handling this differently with shorter isolation periods.

Kristen and Reality Steve noted they are not entirely sure how this process is being handled. However, they explained, it looks as if The Bachelorette producers are, perhaps, relying on more like five days of quarantine and multiple negative COVID-19 tests to gauge when someone can step in front of the cameras.

Will viewers get to learn more specifics about all of this when The Bachelorette airs in September, or will much of the background chaos remain a mystery? Reality Steve said he is confident that he’ll pin down most of the major spoilers about what happens with Tayshia as the season begins to air and more scoop should emerge soon.

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