‘Lucifer’ Season 6 To Discuss The Black Lives Matter Movement In One Episode

Season 6 of Netflix’s hit series Lucifer will feature at least one episode that addresses the Black Lives Matter movement, according to an exclusive scoop from Entertainment Tonight.

While Lucifer fans are still waiting for the debut of Season 5 of the fantasy show, the writers are already working steadily on planning the renewed sixth and final season of the series.

Chatting with ET correspondent Katie Krause via Zoom on Wednesday, showrunner Ildy Modrovich and executive producer Joe Henderson revealed that they were trying to be socially conscious in regard to Lucifer’s future. As it is partially a police procedural — with Tom Ellis’ character, Lucifer Morningstar, working alongside cops throughout the series — they felt it was important to address the BLM movement.

Modrovich said they had started to inspect the way the show had previously “contributed or not addressed the systemic issues of the police department.”

According to her, they ultimately decided to “speak on it,” so they are “doing a story that speaks directly to it.”

She added that they were looking forward to the work but still feeling nervous because they want to be sure they hit the right tone, especially in a time where many shows focusing on police are being heavily scrutinized.

The article revealed that the showrunner would be writing the episode in question.

“What we did want to do was speak to the cultural reckoning we’re all going through and, I think, we’ll be continuing to go through, and our place in it and our responsibility to say something,” chimed in Henderson.

Modrovich also said they thought it was imperative to approach the topic “from an emotional place and not a preachy place.”

She wanted to ensure it would “resonate on a deeper level than just words or rhetoric.”

One thing helping the writers flesh out the final script is the fact they have a diverse team. Writing the Lucifer episode has caused several people to get emotional because they are dedicated to and passionate about the topic at hand. They have even invited the cast to give their input, particularly D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, and Ellis.

The writer mentioned that several of the actors were curious about the subject so they’ve engaged with them and “tried to make it as much of a conversation as possible and a listening exercise.”

By the end of the conversation, the Lucifer showrunner seemed confident in what she and her staff were coming up with, although she did mention they would probably continue to “fine-tune” the script “forever.”

Lucifer will return with new episodes on August 21.

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