WWE News: Triple H Provides Update On Lars Sullivan’s Future

Triple H participated in a media call ahead of NXT: Takeover XXX and discussed a variety of topics pertaining to WWE. According to Sportskeeda, one of the questions the Hall of Famer answered was related to inactive Friday Night SmackDown star Lars Sullivan’s potential return.

As The Inquisitr reported last week, Sullivan resurfaced on social media to share workout videos, fueling rumors that he’s gearing up for a return. Triple H stated that he hasn’t seen the videos yet, and he isn’t aware of what Sullivan’s status is.

The footage has resulted in general positive sentiments from his followers and fans. This suggests that the wrestling community is willing to forget about the superstar’s polarizing past and welcome him back.

However, Triple H’s words support the rumor that Sullivan is currently an afterthought. As highlighted in the aforementioned article about the online return, his name reportedly hasn’t been mentioned by officials for several months.

Sullivan has been out for a year due to a knee injury. Prior to getting hurt, the superstar made negative headlines after it was reported that he made some insensitive message board posts several years ago. He was subsequently fined by WWE.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Sullivan received more unwanted attention after it was discovered that he used to be an adult film star. This led to the performer taking a long-term hiatus from social media.

Sullivan was in line for a major push in WWE before he got hurt. At one point, he was reportedly slated to feud with John Cena and go over the former World Champion at WrestleMania 35. However, as documented by The Inquisitr, the promising star suffered from anxiety attacks in the lead-up to the proposed angle.

The promotion released multiple superstars earlier this year as part of its cost-cutting measures to cope with the economic pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic. The fact that Sullivan kept his job following his scandals — while some of the more popular employees were let go — suggests that officials might still have big plans for him.

Sullivan’s knee injury was expected to keep him out of action for up to nine months. The recent videos, coupled with the length of time he has been out of action, indicates that he’s fit to compete again. However, his comeback will also depend on the creative team’s ideas for him, which don’t seem to be a priority at the moment.

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