‘My 600-LB Life’ Star Paula Jones Update: See Pictures From One Of The Show’s Biggest Success Stories

Paula Jones was among the first people ever featured on My 600-LB Life, with cameras joining her in 2013 for an episode that would air the following year and show off the one-time 542-pound woman’s journey to weight loss and better health.

What came of it was one of the biggest success stories, and Paula has continued to lose weight in the years since she was first on the show, even finding a way to stay on track during a global pandemic.

Paula was initially featured in Season 2 of the TLC docu-series, with her original episode re-airing in August of 2020. While viewers were able to see the incredible gains that she made during the period that the cameras were rolling, they missed out on all that came in the years that followed.

Paula has started a public Facebook page to give updates on her progress, and in March, she shared with followers that she has been finding creative ways to stay active after the COVID-19 crisis led her gym to close down temporarily.


Paula shared that she had grown used to staying active so it was a bit of a re-adjustment. The situation allowed her to reconnect with family, including spending more time with her energetic grandsons.

“My grandsons have so much energy and it is important that they use it all up so they will sleep good at night,” she wrote in a post on March 25. “We are doing bubble wars, and kicking the ball. We may even go to the beach and play in the sand. I know, I know, social distancing. So stay away jellyfish!! I never thought I would find myself saying I am glad we are isolate, but it does give way to lots of quality family time.”

Her strict fitness and diet regimen has continued since her time on the series, and Paula also shared some of the networking she has been doing to connect with other people with similar experiences. As Paula told followers on her page, she attended the 2019 Southeast WLS (Weight Loss Surgery) Conference, a gathering for people who have undergone bariatric surgery.

Along with the family updates and information about her journey to good health, Paula has kept her social media pages filled with pictures of her incredible progress. As Starcasm reported in an update last year, Paula lost around 400 pounds, making her one of the most successful individuals ever featured on the program both in terms of total weight lost and largest percentage loss.

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