Andrew Luck’s Phone Becomes Twitter Joke

Andrew Luck’s phone is about as old as he is. Yep, the 23-year-old Indianapolis Colts quarterback uses a flip phone.

Luck, who signed a 4-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts worth $22 million after he was drafted No.1 in the 2012 draft, clearly has enough money to splurge on the iPhone 9 or the Samsung Galaxy IIII. But the Colts quarterback likes to keep it simple.

Luck uses an old Samsung flip phone.

Veteran Matt Hasselbeck noticed Luck’s phone this week and couldn’t believe his eyes. Thankfully, Hasselbeck’s modern phone was equipped with a camera and he took a few pictures of Luck’s beat up Samsung.

So why does Luck use an old beat up phone? The Colts quarterback said that he was always breaking his nice phones so he decided to downgrade to something a little more rugged. Luck also said that he like the old school phone because it lets him step away from internet distractions.

Luck said: “I had a history growing up of sort of breaking them or losing them, so in my mind it was logical not to get a nice phone because I’d break it or spill water on it. If you really want to go deep, I think subconsciously it’s a way of getting away from the internet, social media and e-mail. It’s a ‘go’ phone. You pay as you go, but I have a plan. I’m sophisticated enough to do that having been around Silicon Valley.”