‘Siesta Key’ Fans React After Garrett Miller Accidentally Calls Girlfriend Kelsey Owens His Ex’s Name, ‘Cara’

Siesta Key fans are reacting to a scene with on-and-off couple Garrett Miller and Kelsey Owens that could be a sign that their relationship is permanently “off.”

On the latest episode of the MTV reality show, Kelsey confronted Garrett about him working out with one of his hookups, Carli Mauer, behind her back. Months after his girlfriend poured a drink on Carli at a Halloween party, the duo’s drama was rehashed when she saw an Instagram pic of Garrett being kissed by his workout buddy.

Garrett defended himself by insisting that nothing inappropriate happened with Carli and pointing out that he has been in way “worse boats” with Kelsey due to her own past indiscretions. But during the argument, the personal trainer accidentally called Kelsey “Cara,” in reference to his ex-girlfriend Cara Geswelli who left Siesta Key last season to move to New York.

“Did you really just call me Cara?” Kelsey asked him, to which he responded with a nervous laugh and a slightly horrified face.

It should be noted that Siesta Key producers had Garrett’s back. After his “Cara” slip-up, they cut to footage of Garrett accidentally calling Cara “Kelsey” two summers ago.

In the comments section to Garrett’s latest Instagram post, which can be seen here, fans had a field day as they ripped him for his major mistake.

“Omg it wasn’t funny that you called Kelsey ‘Cara’ however, I laughed so hard by how you reacted when it happened,” one commenter wrote to the Siesta Key star.

“I can’t even find the words, calling her Cara,” another added. “It shows your age. So sad. But hopefully, y’all find y’all’s place in life?”

“You dead a** called that girl Cara,” a third wrote. “I died after bc your face.”

“The new Ross Geller mixing up girls’ names,” another joked.

Other fans noted that Garrett just can’t keep all of his girlfriends straight anymore. Some said they just hope he and Kelsey can work things out in their relationship.

The Siesta Key episodes that are currently airing were filmed last fall, so it’s unclear what the status of Garrett and Kelsey’s relationship is now. A quick glance at the trainer’s Instagram page shows mostly photos from his fitness business, and any pics with his on-and-off love are throwbacks.

In the caption to a recent Siesta Key teaser, seen here, Garrett wrote, “Skating around in winter wonderland…hopefully nobody slips up on tonight’s new episode.”

“So by ‘nobody’ you mean you?” Kelsey replied.

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