Michie Peachie Shows Off Muscular Physique & Challenges Instagram Followers To An Insane Push-Up Exercise

Fitness model Michie Peachie took to social media site Instagram on Tuesday, August 18, to post a new video that featured her performing an intense push-up exercise, which she challenged her 1.2 million followers to try.

For the workout, the fitness trainer wore a white sports bra with crisscrossing straps along the chest and upper back. The top left plenty of skin on display, drawing the eye to Michie’s chiseled biceps, shoulders, and back muscles. She wore a pair of shorts that featured a brown spandex material around the waist and the upper thighs, covered by a gray material around her hips and backside. The shorts included darker brown and white stripes around the legs as well. A gap between the top and bottoms teased Michie’s toned tummy.

Michie completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and wore a scrunchie on one wrist. She left her long, brunette locks loose and flowing over to one shoulder as she performed the push-ups.

The exercise appeared to take place in a gym setting. Michie was filmed close up as she carried out the move on black flooring. The move is known as the Dive Bomb Challenge and is a difficult push-up that consists of various steps.

To complete the push-up, trainees must start with their hands and feet shoulder-width apart with their hips raised into a V position. As they bring their chest forward between their hands, they must keep their shoulders lowered away from the ears. While bending their arms, they should make sure their elbows are aligned against their body. The spine should stay curved as they bring their torso along the floor and then push their arms up. The hips should never touch the floor, and the move should be completed in one swift movement. After bringing the body down and through, trainees should reverse and repeat.

In the caption of the post, Michie told followers that the exercise trains the core, back, shoulders, arms, and chest. She told them to look at how much she shook as she completed the Dive Bomb Challenge, presumably from the strain of her effort.

The post earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments from adoring fans within the first 12 hours.

“I can do it, I just don’t look as good as you doing it, lol,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section.

“That exercise is torture. I’m going to try though,” another follower commented.

“Oh Michie!!!! You’re amazing queen. My inspiration,” one more fan chimed in.

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