‘Selling Sunset’s Amanza Smith Says Her NFL-Ex Is Missing And Homeless

Fans of the Netflix hit Selling Sunset know that Amanza Smith is seeking full custody of her two children, but details on why have been scarce on the show.

Now, The Sun reports that court documents show Amanza is wanting full custody of her daughter, Noah, 10, and son, Braker, 8 because her ex, former Arizona Cardinals player Ralph Brown, is facing some serious personal struggles.

According to Amanza in the documents, Ralph hasn’t paid child support in years because he hasn’t had any employment and rapidly ran through their savings and retirement funds.

“As a result, he has not made a single payment of child Support since before the judgment was entered in 2015,” the docs read. “It has been a regular struggle for me to survive with no help from him.”

Ralph was still visiting with his children, however, until September 2019. At that point, he sent Amanza an email where he reportedly explained that he had no way to keep a roof over the heads of Noah and Braker.

“On Sunday a week ago today the kids and I slept in my car with no food, no water, and no restroom. I have exceeded my resources and no longer have a roof for the kids, nor the ability to take care of them,” he wrote. “It is not safe that the kids be with me. You will have to keep the kids until the situation changes.”

Since then, she says she hasn’t heard from him at all.

She went on to say that on the surface her ex is college-educated, in good shape, has nice clothing, and seems to have it all together. But behind the scenes, he is having issues that could be related to concussions suffered while playing football, depression, or perhaps he has started taking drugs. All she knows, she said, is that he isn’t around and her children are devastated.

Amanza is seeking full custody so that she can make decisions on her children’s behalf without needing to consult their father. She told the court that she would be happy to change the agreement if Ralph returned to her life.

When the couple first divorced, she explained that she wanted to share Noah and Braker 50-50 with their father so that they could enjoy being with both parents.

Despite their missing dad, she said that Noah and Braker are doing well and are resilient.

Amanza’s struggles to deal with the legal issue on top of getting her footing with The Oppenheim Group was a focus of the show’s third season. On top of that, the reality star and real estate agent recently revealed that she had suffered third-degree burns after a freak churro-making incident.

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