‘Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends’ Mode Will Bring Co-Op Multiplayer To The PS4 Game This Fall

While most of the PlayStation news this summer has been focused on the PS5, Ghost of Tsushima developers Sucker Punch just gave PS4 users some big news. Announced on Sony’s official PlayStation blog, the devs announced a brand-new game mode is coming to the game later this fall, and it will be totally free of charge to anyone who already purchased the title.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends doesn’t have an official launch date just yet, but when it does get here, it’s bringing quite a few new features along with it. Chief among those features is a co-op multiplayer mode that will have its own missions and raids.

Sucker Punch said Legends is its own mode entirely. It won’t follow the story of Ghost of Tsushima, and it doesn’t appear users will be playing as the story’s main character, Jin.

Instead, this tale will focus on four warriors who have had myths woven about their exploits.

The company said that this new addition will be “haunting and fantastical” and will feature both locations and enemies directly inspired by Japanese folk tales and mythology. It will also feature “cooperative” combat skills, though just what that means wasn’t made clear.

Legends is said to have been created to rely explicitly on cooperative gameplay. That doesn’t mean players will need to have three other friends who all purchased Ghost of Tsushima. The developers have added an online matchmaking service.

Players will go through this new addition in groups of two to four and each person can choose one of four character classes. They will be able to play as either the Samurai, Hunter, Ronin or Assassin.

Each class will have different abilities and skill trees.

How many people are playing at one time will apparently determine what kind of experience users get out of Ghost of Tsushima: Legends. With two players, there will be a co-op story mission built in that will escalate in difficulty.

It’s said the combat in this package will be similar to the single-player version, though there are going to be “magical” twists. These new abilities will need to be carefully synced between the partners playing in order to pull them off.

The four-player section will introduce wave-based survival missions. There will also be new enemies, including magical Oni that come complete with supernatural abilities.

Sucker Punch said it will be shedding more light on everything Ghost of Tsushima: Legends has to offer in the coming weeks, including more info on the warriors classes and eventually a release date.

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