Boosted Boards: An Electric Skateboard Priced As High As A Chromebook Pixel

Boosted Boards recently unveiled what it calls “the world’s lightest electric vehicle,” an electric skateboard priced as high as Google’s Chromebook Pixel.

Boosted Boards has created a novel concept. Their product is a standard long board with an electric motor attached, replacing leg muscles as the source of power. The twin electric motors provide 2.6 horsepower and a top speed of 20 mph. The board can travel up to six miles after recharging for just two hours, and unlike other electric vehicles, you’re not stranded when your board runs out of power. Boosted Boards electric skateboard can double as a generic skateboard when the need arises. It is the size of a standard long board and weighs a mere 12 pounds.

The Boosted Boards electric skateboard is priced the same as Google’s Chromebook Pixel, a $1,299 laptop that has attracted much attention for costing three, four, even five times as much as competing Chromebooks.

The Boosted Boards electric skateboard does the Chromebook Pixel one better. It’s priced ten, fifteen, even twenty times higher than longboards without electric motors. Amazon lists a variety of options for just $55.

Nevertheless, an electric skateboard could be handy for traveling around an urban environment. Unlike electric cars, parking is largely a non-issue. It also provides a speedy means of reaching a destination after departing from public transportation such as a subway or bus.

Boosted Boards first proposed their electric skateboard via Kickstarter, and the project raised over $460,000 from over $1,000 backers, well over their $100,000 goal. Anyone who pledged $1,199 or more was guaranteed a longboard from the first production run and offered a personalized engraving for $100 more.

Boosted Boards pushed their board as “the most practical longboard ever.”

“That’s because in addition to being an amazing ride, it’s also the perfect last-mile vehicle,” Boosted Boards says on their Kickstarter page. “When it comes to short trips, you can finally stop worrying about parking, traffic, garages, gas stations, pedaling, bike locks, pushing, and hills. Run quick errands, commute to work, get around campus, or link up with public transit, up to 6 miles before recharging or swapping your battery. But most importantly, you’ll enjoy the ride everyday.”

Boosted Boards is now taking pre-orders for their 2nd production run, which are estimated to ship in the fall at a price of $1,299 plus shipping and tax.