'Avengers: Endgame' Subtitles Hint At An X-Men Character Looming In The MCU

Avengers: Endgame is well over a year old by now, but fans are still noticing Easter eggs and hidden gems that weren't so obvious in the months immediately after its premiere. Some of these Easter eggs weren't readily available, until now. One of the newest discoveries surrounding the film comes in the form of a subtitle over what was once dubbed an "inaudible" conversation. This particular conversation now has words attached to it, which possibly hints at an X-Men character that has been looming in the distance of the MCU.

A Redditor pointed out the subtitles almost a month ago, but they are now gaining traction among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its theorists.

The exchange takes place during the Avengers' time heist, when Tony Stark and Steve Rogers travel to a S.H.I.E.L.D. base in 1970 in search of the Tesseract and more Pym Particles. While sneaking around the compound, Steve finds the office of Peggy Carter, his long-lost love. He watches her from the shadows as she talks to an unknown S.H.I.E.L.D. employee. The subtitles break down the duo's chat as follows:

Mystery Agent: "They're trying, ma'am, but Braddock's unit has been stopped by lightning strikes."

Peggy: "I'll look at the weather projections."

Mystery Agent: "It's not lightning strikes we're looking at."

Halle Berry attends the X-Men The Last Stand photocall
Getty Images | Andreas Rentz
Halle Berry portrayed Storm in Fox's original 'X-Men' franchise.

MCU theorists are suggesting the agent is talking about Storm, one of the most famous X-Men. Fans of the Marvel comics know Braddock is also known as Captain Britain, who has been affiliated with the Illuminati, Secret Avengers, and S.H.I.E.L.D. itself.

One of the problems a few fans have with the Storm theory is the timeline. Why would she be causing waves in the 1970s, and how would she come into the present day timeline 50 years later? This isn't something the geniuses at Marvel Studios wouldn't be able to work around, as there is always a method to their madness.

No matter who or what is being referenced in this conversation, it was done on purpose to align with some story in the future of the MCU. These subtitles were only recently added and not available when the movie was first released digitally and on Blu-ray earlier this year. If Peggy and the mystery man are not referencing Storm, it is almost definitely about another Marvel character who will be popping up in the future.

There have been plenty of hints in MCU films about characters or storylines that were to come in subsequent films. Wakanda was mentioned in Iron Man 2, a whole eight years before Black Panther hit theaters. Others believe Okoye talking about underwater earthquakes in Endgame is a tease for Namor, a character similar to DC's Aquaman.