Xbox Series X Price Point Rumored To Be Leaked Through Halo Infinite Giveaway

It’s possible the gaming community got its first solid clue as to what the Microsoft Xbox Series X will cost when it launches later this fall. Tyler Fischer of Comic Book believes he might have cracked a code that was first revealed by Kai Powell of WCCF Tech. If Fischer did indeed crack the code and do his math right, the Series X is likely going to be retailing for right around $600 per unit.

That price point doesn’t come as a surprise to the general public, who have been warned by analysts that both the Xbox and the Sony PlayStation 5 could reach, or get very close to, that number.

The rumored MSRP comes via a Halo Infinite x Monster Energy Drink promotion. The promotion doesn’t kick off until September 1, but details have already been revealed. Included in the giveaway are 200 units of the Xbox Series X, alongside a copy of Halo Infinite.

As part of the details divulged, Powell announced the total value of the prize pool is $119,998. Fischer said it seems likely that the copies of Halo Infinite are coming alongside the consoles for free, and that would mean the Xbox Series Xs are valued at $599.99 per unit.

Analysts in the video game market have long been talking about the possibility of both consoles coming close to $600, though some have backed off that number in recent months. It’s also possible, as the Comic Book writer pointed out, that the Series X is only clocking in at $600 if the price of the game is being entirely absorbed. It’s possible the real MSRP is $550. It’s also entirely possible some sort of discount deal was worked out with Microsoft.

Monster claims they did not divulge the Series X pricetag. Technically they have not, as it’s still quite a bit of guesswork from people who could be ignoring other factors such as the cost of any additional prizes on offer.

On the other hand, if the writer did manage to crack the code, it could be confirmed later in August. Rumors toward the end of July claimed both consoles would get their official launch price unveiled later this month.

Rumors that gamers are going to find out how much they have to pay for the Xbox Series X in the very near future came after they apparently learned when they could expect the device to hit store shelves. The packaging of a Series X controller reportedly divulged that the box is launching on November 6.

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