Katy Perry Shows Off Baby Bump In A Sparkly Clown Costume & Gets Animated In ‘Smile’ Music Video

Katy played a colorful circus-themed video game.

Katy Perry poses for a photograph on March 11, 2020 in Bright, Australia.
Daniel Pockett / Getty Images

Katy played a colorful circus-themed video game.

Katy Perry likely put big smiles on the faces of many of her fans when the colorful music video for her new single “Smile” premiered on Friday, August 14.

The visual accompaniment for the upbeat tune opened with a shot of the 35-year-old pregnant singer putting the finishing touches on a cream pie by topping it with a maraschino cherry. She was clad in a black-and-white ensemble. Her hair was long, blond, and pulled back from her face with two pom-pom barrettes that were color-coordinated with her look.

As she was carrying her dessert out of the kitchen, Katy noticed an elaborate gaming setup. A large monitor displayed the start screen of a circus-themed video game that shared its title with her song. She picked up a controller and scrolled through a character selection screen that included a tiger tamer and a snake charmer. However, she settled on a sad clown. She then transformed into a real-life version of the character, complete with pale green hair and flashy makeup.

Katy was also clad in a form-fitting sequined unitard that featured a purple-and-gold harlequin pattern below the bust. The rest of the garment was white with a gold diamond grid pattern. The costume had long puffy sleeves with ruffled cuffs. She also rocked a tulle neck ruff and a blue cap topped with a pompom.

When the game encouraged her to dance, Katy got out of her seat, spun around, shook her hips, and waved her arms up in the air. Her outfit glittered as she moved, and she also showed off her large baby bump.

The third outfit Katy was shown wearing was a pink chiffon dress with a blue speckled print. She paired it with a cotton-candy pink wig. In scenes featuring this look, she stood in front of an azure sky backdrop with clouds shaped like various animals.

Katy’s matching CGI character slowly turned her frown upside-down as she performed various circus-themed tasks in the game. She found a clever way to defeat a strongman using balloons, threw knives at herself, and survived being shot out of a cannon. Her final challenge was to defeat a giant human-arachnid hybrid named Spidora. She accomplished this by smashing a “super pie” in her own face and making the monster laugh. Back in the real world, Katy followed the cartoon clown’s lead using her own pie.

The singer’s fans reviewed her latest masterpiece in the comments section on YouTube.

“This is so cuutee! It looks like a movie, we need that,” read one remark.

“This is the cutest video I’ve ever seen of Katy’s,” another fan wrote.

“I was smiling the whole time,” a third person said.

Katy just seems to keep the smiles coming. As reported by The Inquisitr, she had many fans in hysterics with some candid footage that showed her getting her groove on and flaunting her baby bump. The clip was shot by her fiance, Orlando Bloom.