'Big Brother 22' Evictee Keesha Smith Discusses Her Biggest Game Regrets

Keesha Smith was the first houseguest voted out of Big Brother Season 22. This was quite opposite from her stint on BB10 where she made it to the final four and was voted America's Favorite Houseguest. She has some regrets following her brief stint in the All-Stars house, and recently dished on her mistakes to Entertainment Weekly.

One of her biggest regrets was not approaching Cody Calafiore, who was Head of Household (HOH) during her time on the block. She admitted she felt like going to speak with him would make her an unnecessary target putting her in his crosshairs, which is where she found herself after her decision.

She also noted that it is tougher to be in the All-Stars house this season, being an older player in the game. Keesha said a lot of the new-school players knew each other not just from their respective seasons, but from attending a lot of events together through CBS. She felt this made a lot of the older players more of a target since it would be easier to get them out with fewer votes on their side.

Keesha admitted she is still a little confused as to why she was chosen to leave over Kevin Campbell as all of her roommates were constantly telling her how loved she was that first week.

Julie Chen interviews Keesha Smith after her eviction

When questioned about why she didn't enter the Safety Suite competition, she said she was planning to, but she made a terrible mistake.

Once the hour countdown started on the Safety Suite clock, Keesha and roommate Janelle Pierzina went back and forth on whether they would use their first opportunity to participate in the twist. Keesha decided it was best to talk to Cody before she decided on whether to use her VIP pass, and she went into his room to speak as the seconds were counting down.

Before she went into the room, she explained that Janelle had still not made up her mind. This is where things went a little bit wrong.

"As I'm walking out of the room, there's literally only a couple minutes left on the clock. Kaysar [Ridha] runs overs to use his safety pass. Then Janelle's like, "Oh, you're using yours?" So she runs over and swipes it. Honestly, I had left mine downstairs, huge mistake. There was literally, like, a minute left. I did not have time to run downstairs and grab it and come upstairs and swipe it because I definitely would have swiped it if I knew that both of them were using it," she remembered.

It looks like Keesha would have used her VIP pass if time hadn't run out because she didn't get the best feeling talking to Cody. Either way, the veteran houseguest will always be one of the most loved players to ever play the game.