X Factor Police Chase In Louisiana, Wannabe Jailed

A high speed X Factorpolice chase had New Orleans area residents speculating that one contestant’s career had probably ended before it ever began. Wannabe Orrion Wilson, 20, must have had an overly opportunistic view of his chances on the recent auditions in New Orleans because he flew into the city on a one-way ticket from Jacksonville, Florida.

After the auditions were over, he got no closer to home than a gas station off the interstate in nearby Slidell where he allegedly ran out of money for taxi fare. Hey, any Northshore resident could have told him that, if you can’t afford a rental car, you sure as heck can’t afford a taxi to cross Lake Ponchartrain.

Anyhoo, Wilson ended up in a gas station just off the interstate. According to the Slidell police department, at a few minutes after 8 pm on Monday night, he tossed his suitcase into a Pontiac Grand Prix with its engine running and took off.

The X Factor high speed chase was on. The police attempted to pull him over, but Wilson wouldn’t stop. He got up to speeds as great as 75 miles per hour and reportedly even rammed a police car along the way.

Officer Michael Giardina then used what he called “a pit maneuver” which forced Wilson off the road onto a grassy area off Interstate 10. The aspiring star hopped out of the stolen car and then tried to run, but he was quickly caught.

Now, in the immortal words of Pitbull, Wilson is locked up like Lohan. At last report, he was still being held in Slidell City Jail awaiting transport to St. Tammany Parish jail facing charges that included aggravated assault on a police officer, auto theft, and aggravated fleeing from an officer.

Wilson reportedly told Slidell police that he was excited because he had done well and was supposed to return for another audition in New York.

But the X Factor police chase means that he’s probably going nowhere for the next few years.

[X Factor cast by Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com]