Susan Lucci Delights Fans With Pic Of Legendary 'All My Children' Scene

Susan Lucci delighted fans on Instagram with a throwback photo of a legendary All My Children scene. Fans of the superstar shared their delight at the image, liking it over 6,000 times and adding hundreds of comments. It was taken during the first remote shoot for a soap opera to enhance a romantic storyline in the life of character Erica Kane.

Prior to this, all serials filmed their content exclusively on-set. All My Children became the first daytime drama to journey beyond U.S. shores when they filmed on the Caribbean island of St. Croix. The depicted scenes would become a milestone in the soap opera genre, and due to overwhelming fan response to the storyline, other shows would later foray to exotic locales to film scenes for their respective series.

Susan noted in the caption that the photo was snapped during the honeymoon between the characters of Erica and Tom Cudahy, played by actor Richard Shoberg.

In the image, taken in 1978, Susan was seated astride a regal-looking horse. Her hair was brushed away from her face and secured in a bun or ponytail. Gold hoop earrings hung from the actress' earlobes. She wore a white, long-sleeved blouse that featured a black tie at its neckline. With that, she paired dark riding pants.

In the caption, Susan said the pic was a favorite of her television mother Mona, played by actress Frances Heflin.

In one of the most beloved storylines of the sudser, Erica had fallen hard for Tom following a failed affair with Nick Davis. After their luxurious honeymoon, Tom was ready to settle down and have children. But she wanted to pursue her modeling career, and the union between the two would quickly crumble as he realized she wanted more out of life than he could offer her.

Fans adored the pic and the happy memories it evoked. They shared their sentiments in the comments section of the share.

"Such innocent times. I would rush home from school to watch AMC and Dark Shadows," reminisced one longtime fan.

"Now I'm having flashbacks of those episodes from St.Croix! Boy, do I miss All My Children!" stated a second viewer.

"What a beautiful pic! So natural. Thanks for sharing!" commented a third Instagram user.

"I got everyone in my dorm to watch All My Children between classes! I remember those scenes, they were great. What wonderful memories," recalled a fourth follower of the actress.