‘Big Brother 22’ Fans Suspect A Battle Back Competition Is In The Works Based On Hints

The first houseguest has been sent packing on Big Brother Season 22. Keesha Smith is the first All-Star that has been given the boot, and fans were eagerly waiting for host Julie Chen to reveal in the episode’s exit interview that there would be a Battle Back competition this season. This announcement never came to the dismay of many viewers, but that doesn’t mean one is not currently in the works. Perceptive fans have picked up on a few hints that might suggest an evicted houseguest might have an opportunity to come back into the game.

The first hint came during the live feeds this week when Janelle Pierzina made an interesting comment about when she was told she’d be able to see her family should she be booted early on. According to a live feeds update account on Twitter, @rbbq (RealityBBQ), it looks like the first few houseguests given the boot won’t be officially dismissed right away.

Janelle told some of her roommates that production mentioned she would not be sent home until September if she was evicted at the beginning of the show. Traditionally on Big Brother, the first four houseguests are not a part of the jury and normally leave the show right away — unless a Battle Back competition is in order. If this is true and the pre-jury group won’t go home for several weeks, they will be quarantining yet again, likely for a shot at coming back in the house.

Keesha Smith competes on 'Big Brother Season 22.'

A second hint came during Julie’s conversation with Keesha after she was evicted. The host did not reveal any game information to her, something she normally does when a player has the option of returning to the game. On the other hand, Julie did wish Keesha stay safe and healthy, which might suggest she is going straight home.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, longtime Big Brother producer Allison Grodner responded to the idea of a Battle Back this summer rather cryptically just before the competition began.

“We don’t want them to think this is like a regular season and to count on certain things,” she said about this summer’s twists and turns.

Her comments might suggest that a Battle Back won’t be coming, as it’s something that the houseguests might expect since it’s been a major twist the last several years. The current players are likely banking on it as well due to the ongoing health crisis, and it would be easy to keep them quarantined before trying to head back into the house.

Some viewers on Twitter commented that Keesha is apparently signed up for interviews over the next couple of days, which if it ends up being true, would guarantee there would NOT be a Battle Back.