WWE News: Erick Rowan Reveals Original Plans For Sister Abigail Storyline

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, Erick Redbeard, who WWE fans will remember as Erick Rowan of The Wyatt Family, revealed that Sister Abigail wasn’t supposed to be an actual person.

The former superstar was still a member of the company when the concept was introduced during the faction’s inception. At the time, she was someone who stable leader Bray Wyatt referenced in promos, but the nature of her role in his life was shrouded in ambiguity.

Redbeard was by the superstar’s side for lengthy spells during their time on the main roster together. While the faction split up a couple of times, they seemed to find their way back to each other every couple of years. Redbeard would also have been privy to the creative plans for his teammates’ alter ego at the time.

In recent months, however, all speculation has pointed toward Alexa Bliss becoming a physical manifestation of the character. She appeared in Braun Strowman’s hallucinations as the persona at this year’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

Bliss’s interactions with “The Fiend” on episodes of Friday Night SmackDown also suggest that she’s being repurposed as the former Universal Champion’s alter ego.

Redbeard was released from the company before the current angle was introduced to television, so he didn’t have any insider insight regarding the storyline. It seems as if the company wants to bring the gimmick to life with Bliss as the actor playing it.

There have been rumors of a female performer taking on the role in the past. As documented by Ringside News, Paige was reportedly in consideration to adopt the moniker in 2017. This was teased during the cult leader’s feud with Finn Balor, as it was stated that Abigail was alive.

Erick Rowan pins his opponent

Nikki Cross has been rumored to play the part in the past as well. With “The Fiend” attacking her tag team partner on recent episodes of the blue brand’s weekly show, it’s possible that WWE might pull a swerve and finally reveal Cross as the culprit.

The promotion has hinted at a physical iteration of Abigail enough times to suggest that there have been plans in motion to bring her to television. However, many fans prefer the idea of her being a figment of Wyatt’s imagination, as the character has a split personality gimmick.

There should be more answers revealed in the coming weeks as SummerSlam draws closer. The current storyline seems like it’s gearing toward a big payoff with some interesting revelations.