Online Petition To Fire Malia White From ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ Gets Thousands Of Signatures

Below Deck Mediterranean fans are making their voices heard on the internet. One, in particular, started an online appeal to have Malia White removed from the yachting reality show. A petition requesting her termination has garnered more than 5,500 signatures, and two others are circulating with similar goals.

“Fans of Below Deck are furious with bosun Malia White for actions made against crew member Hannah Ferrier in the show’s most recent episodes,” the organizer explained.

The reason for the termination cited was “breach of contract.” The creator of the petition pointed to Malia’s recent Instagram posts where she allegedly revealed information about episodes that had yet to air. It was unclear which posts the organizer was referred to, although some of the bosun’s recent ones have been deleted.

“There should be consequences for Malia’s actions of revealing future episodes and humiliating her coworker,” the person continued.

The 25-year-old has recently come under fire for capturing an image of the contents of Hannah’s purse. The photo included questionable items such as a box of Valium and some CBD. Hannah has insisted that there wasn’t an issue since a doctor prescribed the pills, and the CBD was legal in Spain, where the boat was traveling. She went on to call the situation an “absolute nightmare.”

Malia explained the rationale behind reporting the items to the captain and insisted that while she may not have acted appropriately, there was a “huge learning curve” for her. Malia further maintained that her intentions were for the safety of the vessel. The petitioner disagreed with this notion and believed that there was a more sinister reason.

“It was clear Malia’s actions were done out of spite,” the petitioner wrote.

Hannah recently revealed that the bosun sent the photo to Captain Sandy Yawn after the two argued over room assignments.

Thousands of fans agreed and wanted the yachtie off the show that made her famous. The appeal is well on its way to reaching the goal of 7,500 signatures.

“Her behavior shouldn’t be praised on national TV,” one fan wrote.

“Time for Malia to go,” agreed another.

Many commenters were upset with Malia’s lack of empathy for mental illness. Hannah admitted to suffering from anxiety and had a panic attack on air, which Malia later referred to as a “freak out.”

“Mental health should not be stigmatized. No one should have their personal business put on blast,” one person explained.

“I’m signing because Hannah’s mental illness should not be a story line,” another shared.

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