Steve-O Duct Tapes Himself To A Billboard In Hollywood In An Effort To Promote His New Special

In an effort to promote his upcoming special Gnarly, Steve-O pulled off another one of his trademark stunts. In a post shared to his Instagram page on Thursday, the Jackass alum revealed that he had duct taped himself to a Hollywood billboard that advertised his latest venture.

Steve-O’s post included two images of himself attached to the advertisement. The first image was a selfie by the stuntman, giving an up-close view of the massive amount of tape keeping him secure. He was shirtless and barefoot in the snap, and the wrap restraining him made it unclear if he was wearing anything other than a pair of white-rimmed glasses. The picture also revealed that it wasn’t just tape suspending him in the air, as he also had a tiny platform that supported some of his weight.

The second image showed the entire billboard from below. Steve-O was surrounded by was a vague advertisement for Gnarly, providing the website it can be purchased from while only describing it “a very naughty multimedia special.”

In the caption, he made it clear that this stunt wasn’t as reckless as it appeared. He assured local authorities that he was secured by professionals and there was no risk of him falling. He also shared a series of videos on his Instagram stories, which gave an early update of his stunt, revealing that it wasn’t likely that the police would bring his promotion to an early end.

“Hey everybody. So I’ve been up on this billboard, duct taped, for an hour and a half now, a little more. Starting to get kinda sore. There are some cops over there but they say they’re not sure I’m committing any crimes. I don’t think so. I paid for the billboard, man. And I assured everybody that this has been professionally rigged, it’s safe. So, hopefully nobody gets too upset,” he said in the clips while urging his followers to check out the special.

As for when he would return to the ground, Steve-O was noncommittal. In the post to his stories, all he would say is that if he is allowed, he would remain attached for a “while.”

Based on the IMDb description of the release, the personality’s latest antics may hint at what fans will see in Gnarly. A primary plot point appears to involve Steve-O taped to the side of a truck as it drives from Las Vegas to Colorado. He will be joined by fellow Jackass alums Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, and Jason “Wee Man” Acuna, who will be reflecting on some of the man’s wildest stunts.

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