‘Real Housewife’ Jacqueline Laurita Facing Foreclosure On Her House

Bank attempting to foreclosure on Jacqueline Laurita of Real Housewives of New Jersey

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita reportedly hasn’t been keeping it real when it comes to paying her home mortgage.

As a result, the bank is apparently moving forward with a foreclosure lawsuit on her McMansion in northern New Jersey, pending permission from a state court judge.

Laurita also has several other legal entanglements to contend with aside from the possibility of being a housewife without a house.

According to TMZ, “The bank claims Jacqueline took out a $1.6 million mortgage back in 2007 on a 5,600-square-foot pad, but in Feb. 2012 failed to cough up the $10,175 monthly mortgage payment.” The mortgage documents evidently allow the bank to accelerate the entire loan balance in the event of one missed payment. TMZ quips that Laurita could be “downgraded” from housewife to just wife if the bank gets its way.

Laurita also allegedly owes about $340,000 to the state tax collector and there could already be a tax lien against the property for this non-payment.

In addition, a judge recently ruled that there was sufficient probable cause for the charges of assault and terroristic threats against Jacqueline and Christopher Laurita and Joe Gorga following an altercation at a clothing boutique.

Apparently the Bravo Network cameras were there when all this went down, so the footage might surface on TV sometime soon. Filming for season 5 of TheReal Housewives of New Jersey, which originally premiered on May 12, 2009, on Bravo, is likely near a wrap. The season 5 premiere is scheduled for June 2. Jacqueline Laurita has been on the reality show for its entire five-season run.

In general, financial issues seem to be a common thread for several of the cast members on the Real Housewives franchise.

Are you a fan of the Real Housewives of New Jersey or its counterparts elsewhere around the country? Do you believe that anything on the Real Housewives qualifies as “real”?