Spoilers For Thursday’s ‘General Hospital’: Sasha & Chase Struggle In Wake Of Michael & Willow’s Big Win

General Hospital spoilers detail that both Sasha and Chase will be struggling in the aftermath of the court decision regarding Wiley’s custody. Michael and Willow were given sole custody of the toddler, which was everybody’s hope. However, it looks like not everybody is finding it easy to celebrate.

The entire goal when Chase and Sasha faked their hookup was to push Michael and Willow into marrying one another. They knew it was the best way to keep Wiley safe from Nelle — and they were right. Unfortunately, they are both wallowing in regret and heartbreak and General Hospital teasers indicate that viewers will see both of them dealing with that during Thursday’s show.

The Twitter preview shows Chase talking to somebody, telling them that maybe they should return the favor. It appears that the person he is talking with is a brunette woman with long hair, but her face isn’t shown in this brief clip. It could end up being Sasha he’s talking to, but Brook Lynn is a solid possibility too.

Chase and Brook Lynn have been doing a bit of a dance around one another for months now. They don’t get along, but at the same time, there are sparks of chemistry that have numerous General Hospital fans speculating that they could end up together romantically. Even if the two don’t legitimately fall for one another, it certainly seems that they might at least have a hot and heavy hookup at some point.

During Wednesday’s episode, Ned tossed Brook Lynn out of the Quartermaine mansion after learning she’d sold her ELQ stocks. General Hospital teasers suggest that the two will remain estranged for now, although Ned’s wife Olivia will try to smooth things over between them. In the meantime, Brook Lynn is in a bad place at the moment, and Chase may cross her path and have some suggestions for her.

As for Sasha, all signs point toward a looming drug addiction for her. She’s devastated over the split with Michael and took a little “pick-me-up” from an assistant during her recent Deception photoshoot. General Hospital teasers from the preview show that Sasha will be offered another round of whatever she previously took and it seems likely she’ll take it.

SheKnows Soaps hints that this group will continue to cross paths with one another and struggle to determine what’s next. Soon, Brook Lynn will run into Dustin, her former flame and Lulu’s current beau. Chase and Sasha will cross paths, and it looks like Willow and Michael will be bonding deeply as they team together to protect Wiley.

General Hospital spoilers share that intense developments for these Port Charles characters are on the way and fans are curious to see what’s on the horizon.