‘FIFA 14’ To Be Revealed Later Today

FIFA 14 details are coming soon

FIFA 14 fans aren’t going to have to wait too much longer in order to see the first details of this year’s version of the ultra-popular game.

Obviously there isn’t a lot known about the newest title just yet. We do know that this year’s version of the game has been one of the top sellers in the video game market.

The game makers did hint that there would be a couple of new features. One of those features could be a new set of connected online features. The game makers have said that the new features they are putting into the game won’t hurt the single player mode.

FIFA 14 will be looking to build on the surprising success of this year’s title. Some of the best parts of this year’s version will likely be included in the coming title.

The 2013 version of the game recently topped the 12 million copies sold mark. That has been helped by the fact that it continues to be a game that is well liked no matter what the platform it is being played on.

EA, who is the publisher of this particular series needs a big win with this game. The company has had a ton of struggles over the last month or so. The release of SimCity was hampered by the always on fiasco.

Then the company actually saw its CEO resign because of prolonged failures in the sales of various titles and the management of the company. The latest blow was when Electronic Arts was named the worst company in America for the second straight year.

This game could go a long way towards helping EA climb out of the gutter and start its march back to the top. While there is no official release date, most feel as though this game will hit the streets sometime in September.

Are you going to be playing FIFA 14?