Multiple Radio Stations To Halt Programming In Honor Of Breonna Taylor, Five Months After Her Death

Louisville, Kentucky, radio station 97.1 FM WXOX has organized a national simulcast on August 13 for dozens of radio stations throughout the country to pause their programming in honor of Breonna Taylor, as Thursday will officially mark the fifth month since her death, according to a post on the station’s website.

“On this day, we will pause our broadcast to recognize the women who were stolen from their families and loved ones far too soon. Together we will celebrate the lives of these unique individuals — recognize the pain their loss has caused their communities and use our voices to demand the justice they deserve,” the station said in a statement.

One of Taylor’s favorite songs will play as part of the tribute followed by a special message from her family. It will begin at 2 p.m. ET.

The Hill reported that the station’s manager, Sharon Scott, confirmed the song, “Everything” by Mary J. Blige, would play during the segment.

Aside from a message from Taylor’s family, stations will also remember many “female victims of police violence,” and also play some soundbites from the ongoing Louisville protests.

The special moment will be the third time this year that broadcasting studios have taken a stand on behalf of reported police brutality victims.

In June, multiple stations paused in honor of George Floyd, going silent for approximately eight minutes and 46 seconds. The time limit corresponded to the exact amount of time former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin had his knee on Floyd’s neck, ultimately resulting in his death.

At least 50 stations are reportedly participating in the event, including one in Austria.

On March 13, three police officers executed a no-knock search warrant on Taylor’s apartment. When the cops allegedly refused to identify themselves, her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, fired a gun. The authorities returned fire, striking and killing Taylor in the process. The cops weren’t even at the right apartment.

While the cops claimed they did announce their presence, several people involved with the case have disputed those claims.

The recent worldwide Black Lives Matter protests have helped to draw national attention to Taylor’s case, especially in light of Floyd’s highly publicized death. Thousands have called for the officers involved to face criminal charges.

The publication noted that after reviewing the incident, Louisville officer Brett Hankison was fired for violating “procedures on use of deadly force.”

Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove, the other cops involved, have been placed on administrative leave.

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