Steven & Justin Assanti Update: Brothers Found Weight Loss, Love, & Controversy After ‘My 600-LB Life’

Steven and Justin Assanti were two of the most memorable people ever featured on My 600-LB Life, with many viewers growing to despise Steven for his treatment of his brother and his pushback against the weight-loss program aiming to help save his life.

The pair have been through even more since last appearing on the “Where are They Now” special, with some weight-loss mixed in with other major life events. With TLC revisiting the series of episodes featuring the Assanti brothers in a mini-marathon in August, viewers have a lot to catch up on from their journey to losing weight.

As Distractify reported, both Steven and Justin have appeared to lose weight since they were last seen on television, with Justin showing off some of his progress on his Facebook page. There have been some other big developments for Steven, who married his girlfriend, Stephanie, and now lives in Iowa with her and her daughter.

Unfortunately for fans, the story of the dangerously obese brothers searching for life-changing weight loss may end there. While they have both been dropping pounds, a recent update from Steven makes it seem unlikely that My 600-LB Life viewers will ever get to see them again — at least not together. In an interview with Starcasm last year, Stephanie revealed that her husband has no interest in returning to film and fulfill the remainder of the contract he apparently signed with the production company.

Steven then revealed that he was willing to go to court to settle the matter.

“They want to sue me and I could care less they could sue I don’t mind,” he said. “I am just tired of being made fun of from the way they perceived me on that TV show. So I wash my hands with all the producers and doctor.”

Steven joins a number of other people featured on My 600-LB Life who have taken aim at the production company, claiming that they were manipulated and treated badly in order to make for more riveting television. Some have even filed lawsuits, accusing them of negligence and even contributing to the death of one subject.

But while fans of the Assanti brothers — and especially the large following gathered through their series of initial appearances and updates — will not get another view through the lens of the show, Justin, at least, seems committed to keeping fans updated through his online presence.

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