'Below Deck Mediterranean' Star Malia White Defends Reporting Hannah Ferrier's Medications

Below Deck Mediterranean star Malia White did some explaining on Wednesday. In a lengthy Instagram post, the bosun went into detail and described her rationale behind reporting her co-star Hannah Ferrier's prescription Valium and CBD to Captain Sandy Yawn. The 26-year-old further acknowledged that she might not have handled the situation appropriately. You can view her post here.

"I apologize if I didn't go about reporting or handling the situation to the best of my ability but it was also a HUGE learning curve for me."
The young bosun has come under fire by some fans after she took a photo of the contents of Hannah's purse and sent it to the captain. The image included a box of Valium, CBD, a lighter, and a passport cover engraved with "HF." She recently explained that the timing was suspect as it was sent after the ladies had a disagreement over room assignments. Malia was previously aware of the Valium after Hannah had a panic attack a few days prior. The chief stewardess went on to call the drug accusation "an absolute nightmare."

Malia maintained that she acted correctly and that it was imperative to report any medications that crew members were taking before starting work. Her post included a copy of a yachting contract that specified the health requirements.

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN -- Season:5 -- Pictured: Malia White
Bravo | Karolina Wojtasik

"You undertake, before commencement of your employment, to inform the Company and Master of any pre-existing medical condition and of all medication you are taking," the contract partially read.

Malia called the policy "pretty straightforward" and further stated that the rule was in place for everyone's safety.

"The Captain of the vessel has the right to know who might be taking what & when! They are operating a vessel at sea with everyone's lives in their hands."
Malia went into detail as to how illegal drugs are handled on a yacht. She explained that it doesn't matter if the drug is legal in the country the boat is in -- there is a zero-tolerance policy. However, she did not directly reference Hannah or the photo in question. The chief stewardess indicated late Monday that the CBD was legal in Spain, where the yacht traveled during the season.

There have been several scenes throughout the season that showed Hannah taking a pill at the end of the night. Some fans even called out production for making it appear as though there was an issue. Hannah insisted that she had been taking Advil for inflammation and referred to yachting a "young person's game."