Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lucy Faces Intense Pressure & A Big Decision

Viewers will not want to miss Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that Lucy Coe will have a monumental decision to make that could have a major impact on many people in Port Charles. Valentin Cassadine’s plan to take over ELQ is no longer a secret and the Quartermaines are relying on Lucy to save them with her tie-breaking vote. However, she may not do what they expect.

During Tuesday’s show, Ned Quartermaine gathered the family for an emergency meeting. The discussion revolved around whether they would save General Hospital in the midst of Nelle Benson’s lawsuit. Ned revealed that someone had managed to buy the company shares that had belonged to Skye, Lila Rae, and Maya, and they already knew that someone had snatched up Nelle’s.

Soon, Valentin showed up and dropped his bombshell. He gleefully revealed that he had the voting proxies for Danny and Scout, and he made it clear that he had been pursuing multiple other shareholders as well.

It did not take long for Ned to realize that they were in big trouble in terms of ensuring this situation went their way. According to the latest General Hospital spoilers, they will have to rely on Lucy to save them.

James Patrick Stuart plays Valentin Cassadine on 'General Hospital'

Lucy has 1 percent of the stock in ELQ, so she becomes a tie-breaker. She arrived at the Quartermaine mansion after much of the drama had already happened, and she was quickly filled in on why she was needed. All of the other votes had been cast, and General Hospital teasers for Wednesday note that she soon will reveal her decision as well.

Which way will this go? Naturally, Ned would assume that Lucy will vote with the family. Unfortunately, there are a couple of key developments he’s not aware of at this point.

First, Valentin is a silent partner in her re-launch of Deception. She needed his money to make her vision a reality, and it seems awfully unlikely she would now vote against him with this situation.

Not only that, but she also just got a nice, fat check from mobster Cyrus Renault. He said he was happy to support her efforts with the Nurses Ball, and she did not hesitate to accept his donation.

Lucy probably won’t feel that she can side with the Quartermaines since it could put her money from Cyrus at risk. He’s determined to financially make his mark on General Hospital, which means that he needs ELQ to be unavailable as the organization’s savior.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Lucy will make an announcement during Wednesday’s episode. This is probably about her voting decision, and General Hospital teasers hint that what she says will be shocking. That certainly seems to suggest that she’ll leave Ned feeling stunned and disappointed.

The fallout from this sneaky plan of Valentin’s will be enormous and General Hospital fans cannot wait to see all of the drama unfold.