Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jordan Faces Questions From TJ & Curtis Warns Cyrus

The Ashford family will be navigating some major tensions during Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that mobster Cyrus Renault will be the catalyst for all of this, and it appears that he may remain relatively amused by the impact he is having on this family.

Jordan thought she could end her uneasy alliance with Cyrus after ensuring he was released from Pentonville. Unfortunately, he isn’t done with her yet. He pressured her to make a statement that would improve his quest to financially support General Hospital, and this public declaration naturally raised some eyebrows.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter revealed that TJ will waste little time in asking his mother about what she said. He will go so far to even wonder if she had been fired as the Port Charles Police Department Commissioner, given how outrageous it was for the top cop in town to gush over a known mobster.

According to General Hospital teasers from SheKnows Soaps, Jordan will not clue her son in on this tenuous relationship with the new mob boss in town at this point. She will feed some lies to TJ to try to keep him at arm’s length in this mess. She surely knows that her medical student son would be astonished to learn the truth about why she praised Cyrus, although this house of cards is sure to come tumbling down soon.

The August 11 episode will also give viewers another round of Curtis and Cyrus together. General Hospital spoilers share that the two men will have an encounter, seemingly at the Metro Court, and the mob boss may get the best of the investigator to a degree.

The sneak peek for the week had indicated that Curtis would lash out at Cyrus, and now it seems that exchange will air on Tuesday. Whatever it is that Cyrus says, it appears that he will be quite successful in pushing Curtis’ buttons. The investigator will end up walking away, and as he departs, he will warn Cyrus that they will be playing by his rules going forward, not the mobster’s.

Cyrus will seemingly listen intently to Curtis as he says this, but he doesn’t look terribly flustered. General Hospital teasers also indicate that the mob boss will wind up being targeted by Lucy Coe in some sense. She will set her sights on him, and knowing her, this could head in any number of directions.

Will Lucy approach him as friend or foe? Not only is she working on re-launching Deception right now, but General Hospital spoilers recently revealed that the Nurses Ball will be taking place soon. If Lucy were to try to rope him in to do a performance at the ball, it would certainly generate a lot of buzz.

By the looks of things, Jordan, Curtis, and TJ won’t be able to free themselves of Cyrus’ influence anytime soon. General Hospital fans will see more of this intense dynamic during Tuesday’s episode and it appears that there is plenty more to come.