Bethesda Teases Potential New Game, Says It’s Not ‘Fallout’

Bethesda Softworks has released a new teaser video for a suspected new game. The company isn’t giving any details about what the game could be, but company rep Pete Hines claims its not a new Fallout title.

Just yesterday the company announced that they were done working on the ultra-popular Skyrim game. During that announcement they said they were turning their attention a new “adventure.”

Most people probably thought we’d have to wait a little longer than 12 hours to get some hints of what that new adventure might be but then this teaser went live on Vine.

There isn’t a whole lot to be taken from the video, which is basically just some video of a record spinning, interspersed with shots of lighted barbed wire. In the background is just the scratching of a needle on a record.

Bethesda’s teaser ends with what some sharp eyes have said is the sheet music for “Air on the G-string” by Johann Sebastian Bach. The records are also apparently those by some old time groups.

Fans of the Fallout series know that one of the features of the games is that there is often vintage music playing in the background.

That has certainly fueled the Fallout 4 rumors despite insistence from Bethesda for now that this isn’t what people think it is.

The rumors and innuendo are only fueled by a report earlier this year. One of the voice actors for Fallout 3 gave an interview where he said that he had been given permission to hint at a fourth installment in the company’s popular series.

Until the company releases more information than a vague teaser video there isn’t a whole lot of guessing beyond that series that people can do.

Do you think Bethesda’s teaser video is really about Fallout 4?