‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Video Teases Stunning Upcoming Storylines In Genoa City

The Young and the Restless spoilers video teases what’s coming up soon on the CBS Daytime drama. It looks like many of Genoa City’s finest are in for some major twists and turns in upcoming storylines.

Eileen Davidson brings Ashley Abbott back to the show, and she and Jack (Peter Bergman) talk about Dina (Marla Adams). Jack tells his sister that their mother is quite emotional and agitated recently, and she also said something strange. Jack reveals that Dina blurted out “Bixley,” and neither he nor Ashley has any idea what the name means. It sounds like it could be somebody’s name or perhaps a town. The siblings are confused, and there’s little doubt that they will spend some time in the coming weeks tracking down clues as to who or what Bixley is to Dina.

At the clinic, Amanda (Mishael Morgan) sees Nate (Sean Dominic). She explains that one of her friends helped her realize that there is more to life than work. The doctor looks pleased to see that Amanda arrived at that conclusion. He let her know that surprising him at work was an excellent surprise for him, and it seems like these two may be headed out for some fun away from the daily grind.

At Chancellor Communications, Billy (Jason Thompson) sits on a desk, and he wonders why Victoria (Amelia Heinle) shows up to see him. He thinks it concerns a story she’d previously told him. However, Victoria lets her former partner know that that story has changed dramatically since the last time they spoke, though it isn’t clear what she plans to tell him. For Billy’s part, Victoria has his full attention, and she asks him to close the door, making it all sound dire.

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) lays into Victor (Eric Braeden) at the Ranch. She simply cannot fathom that he expects anybody to believe that Adam (Mark Grossman) killed A.J. at age 11. In fact, she declares that there isn’t anybody who can corroborate Victor’s version of the events in Kansas all those years ago, but he leaves her stunned. According to Victor, the truth is the truth, and there is somebody who can vouch for what happened to A.J. It isn’t clear who that person is, though, and the answer is bound to be a major bombshell.

Finally, Sharon (Sharon Case) wonders what Adam is doing at her house. He declares that he needs Sharon’s help, but it’s unclear if she can provide it since she’s still battling breast cancer.

The Young and the Restless is off and running with its first new storylines since shutting down production in mid-March because of COVID-19 and running out of new material in late April.