‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Star Monique Samuels’ Bird T’Challa Returns Home After Going Missing

Monique Samuels is resting easy after her beloved bird, T’Challa, returned home.

After announcing to her fans on Sunday, August 9, that the African Grey had gone missing from her family’s house, the Real Housewives of Potomac cast member returned to her Instagram page to confirm that T’Challa was back inside and to explain how he got there.

“My baby flew home to me!!!!!!!!!!!!” Monique announced. “Thank all of you for the positive energy and prayers!!!! He found his way home!”

In a series of videos shared with her post, Monique was heard telling her bird that he has no idea how much she cried after realizing he was missing. She then said that ever since he returned to her house, he didn’t want to do anything besides eat.

As for how she relocated the pet, Monique said that after searching her neighborhood and calling his name for hours last night, T’Challa flew back into their yard the following morning. However, when it came to getting him back inside, it was a bit of a challenge as he was first spotted at the top of a tree.

As she recalled, Monique attempted to get T’Challa down from the tree by telling him that it was okay. Then, after he attempted to fly closer, he ultimately landed on the edge of a windowsill.

“He was barely hanging on. So, I stood up in the chair trying to get him to come to me,” Monique explained.

While that didn’t work, she was able to get T’Challa safely back inside after putting his perch on a ledge of her porch.

“I am so… Oh my God, thank you Lord,” she continued.

As Monique spoke to her online audience in her videos, it was clear that she was quite emotional about T’Challa’s return and understandably so. After all, the bird isn’t just another animal; he’s part of her family.


As The Inquisitr previously reported, Monique recently opened up about her love for T’Challa in an interview shared by NECN. At the time, she said that as an animal lover, she finds peace with T’Challa in different ways than she does with her husband and their kids.

“He brings me back to that no-stress time period in all of our lives that we experience when we’re kids where we don’t have all the responsibilities,” Monique explained. “When my kids go to sleep at night, I can just talk to him and look at him and cuddle with him.”