‘Big Brother: All-Stars’ Fans React To Janelle & Kaysar’s Questionable ‘Safety Suite’ Move

The 'Big Brother' legends worked together twice before.

Janelle Pierzina of Big Brother

The 'Big Brother' legends worked together twice before.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from Episode 2 of Big Brother: All-Stars.

Big Brother fans are reacting to an early game move by all-star players Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha—and some think it could cost them in the long run.

The dynamic Big Brother duo, who were aligned together in two previous seasons of the CBS summertime reality show, announced their all-stars alliance loud and clear after battling it out in the Safety Suite, a temporary twist that’s new to the Big Brother competition.

After meeting up with Head of Household Cody Calafiore separately, Janelle and Kaysar both correctly sensed they were in danger of going on the block. They decided to cash in their VIP passes to the “Safety Suite” for the chance to earn immunity for the first eviction. The Safety Suite winner got to pick a “plus one” who would also get immunity but have to endure a special Big Brother punishment.

The Big Brother legends were the only two to play in the special competition called “Don’t Miss a Beat.” The sound memory comp featured huge turntables where Janelle and Kaysar had to recreate songs played for them by hitting buttons in the correct order.

In the end, Kaysar blew Competition Queen Janelle away with a time of 7:55 to her not-so-impressive 16:36. But they both ended up winners because Kaysar said he would give his opponent “a pass” and make her his plus one.

Big Brother star Kaysar Ridha

That move set off a reg flag that Kaysar and Janelle already have each other’s backs this season despite claiming they haven’t seen each other in 14 years. In comments to a post on the official Big Brother Instagram page, which can be seen here, many fans thought Kaysar and Janelle showed their cards too early and wasted a later chance for safety.

“Janelle made a huge mistake in the game by panic scanning her badge,” one commenter wrote. “Should’ve made a deal with Kaysar that he make her his +1 & she’d take him if she won another week. They could’ve had one guaranteed week of safety (bc no one else scanned) + another shot. They threw one shot away.”

“One could’ve gone and saved both. Now they both burned their chance,” another user added.

“It bought them ONE week and made the target gigantic,” a third viewer chimed in.

“Kaysar and Janelle both going to the Safety Suite was one of the stupidest game moves I’ve ever seen,” wrote another person.

But other Big Brother fans pointed out that Janelle and Kaysar both knew they would get nominated for eviction if they didn’t get safety. If just one of them had competed, there was no guarantee of victory because the competition had a time limit on it, and it would have been possible for the lone competitor to fail and then no one would have won safety.

Janelle’s “punishment” was that she had to wear a super-cute glittery yellow “star” costume. Cody, meanwhile, had to scramble to rethink his nominations, ultimately putting up Kevin Campbell and Keesha Smith because he hasn’t “connected” with them.