Kaley Cuoco Wears Pink Robe To Share A Double Dose Of Exciting News

Kaley Cuoco had two big updates to share with her fans on a Cup of Cuoco. During the Saturday, August 8 episode of her Instagram morning show, the former star of The Big Bang Theory revealed that she’s about to head back to work. She also announced that she has decided to expand her furry family yet again after mourning the loss of one of its members.

Kaley opted to dress comfortably in a fluffy pink bathrobe for her sit-down with a special guest, her husband, Karl Cook. As she addressed her viewers, she occasionally reached up and pulled the front of the cozy garment closed. She wore her blond hair pulled up in a high folded-over ponytail. As for her spouse, he left his own chin-length blond locks down. The equestrian sported a blue polo shirt with the name of his ranch embroidered on it.

The couple sat in their backyard and sipped on coffee as they chatted. When Kaley announced that she would be flying to New York on Monday to resume filming her new series The Flight Attendant, her hubby’s response to the news earned him a hand in the face.

“And I’m going to be free for two months! So beautiful,” he said.

Kaley revealed that her assistant, Emma, and her sister, Bri, will be joining her. She stated that the three of them will be quarantined for two weeks, and she promised to share plenty of updates on their shenanigans. She also said that The Flight Attendant will premiere on HBO Max sometime this fall.

After Kaley’s spouse cracked a joke about enjoying some “social distance” from her that was met with an eye roll, he asked his wife if they could “get to the most important thing.” This prompted Kaley to recount the plight of Petunia, a senior pit bull she was trying to find a home for. The dog had multiple large masses on her body, including some that dragged on the ground. Kaley sponsored the canine’s surgery to have the growths removed, and the procedure was a success. The animal lover also tried to help Petunia find a new home, but she wasn’t having any luck.

“Finally, this couple came through, and we were so so excited about it because this is a really special dog,” she said.

The couple Kaley was referring to ended up being herself and her husband, and she revealed that the newest member of their family was there with them. She moved the camera to show her fans the sweet pit bull, who was sitting beside Karl’s feet and enjoying a good neck scratch.

Petunia was described as a “sweet old lady” who enjoys golf cart rides. Kaley also recounted how Karl arranged to adopt the dog without her knowledge after she got upset about being unable to find her a forever home.

“That’s a really good husband right there,” she said.

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