Susan Lucci, 73, Stuns Wearing A Silver Ballroom Gown In New Instagram Share

Susan Lucci seems to never age.

Susan Lucci visits Build in 2019.
Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Susan Lucci seems to never age.

There is little doubt that Susan Lucci seems to defy her age. The All My Children alum shared a stunning snapshot on Instagram as she posed in a gorgeous gown that was reminiscent of her Erica Kane days.

Lucci, 73, said in her caption that a girl sometimes just needs to “put on a pretty dress,” and that’s exactly what she did. She looked gorgeous in a strapless silver gown that accentuated her petite frame and flaunted her toned arms and shoulders. The dress had plenty of glitter around the bodice with swirls of sequins on the front, and it hugged her small waist. The skirt portion of the garment appeared to be made of a matching sheer chiffon with lines of ruffles intertwining throughout.

The brunette bombshell sat on top of her shiny black piano as she struck a pose for the camera. One arm was extended beside her with the palm of her hand lying flat on the instrument. Her other arm was bent with her hand on her hip. Her legs were bent with her feet planted on the piano bench. The skirt of the gown cascaded down over the bench, which seemed to provide the perfect photo op.

Lucci’s tresses slightly touched her shoulders. She had her hair parted in the middle, with her short wispy bangs swept over on each side of her face.

There were photos of loved ones adorning the top of the piano, and the former soap actress had white-framed windows behind her that gave an outdoorsy feel to the snapshot. Lucci looked like she was ready to step out onto a ballroom floor to tango, but, instead, she just decided to have a little fun, despite not having any place to wear the gorgeous number to.

The day before this current photo was shared, Lucci gave a preview of what was to come the following day. Her Instagram photo captured her pre-glam look. She wore a white robe that looked similar to a dress. She indicated that she was about ready to set up a shot from her house. Lucci kept her promise as she gave her 139,00 followers a treat later on with her glam shot, and her fans loved seeing her all dressed up once again.

“Stop. This is fabulous. A true star. Legend,” said one of her followers.

“Wow with a capital W, so elegant. Always dressed to the 9’s,” replied another fan.

“You are a timeless beauty,” a third person remarked.

“This is what Erica wore to make a grilled cheese sandwich,” a fourth admirer jokingly said.