‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’: Anthony Mackie Not Happy With Costume

Captain America: The Winter Soldier actor Anthony Mackie is not happy with his costume as Falcon.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie has been set to play the winged superhero Falcon, whose everyday name is Samuel Wilson.

Samuel Wilson had a rough upbringing, with his father being killed in a fight while he was still young. Young Wilson turned to a life of crime for a while, taking the name of “Snap” Wilson as he worked for the mob. On an assignment in Rio de Janeiro, his plane crashed, and Red Skull used the power of the Cosmic Cube to give him the ability to talk to birds. Eventually, Captain America snapped him out of it and Falcon became his sidekick, using a harness made by Black Panther.

In the interview with Anthony Mackie, the interviewer (a woman sporting a rather British accent) says, “Now we’ve just seen some concept art that Marvel has released of the Falcon.” Anthony Mackie nodded and acknowledged it, and the interviewer continues, “for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.”

We then see a rendering of Falcon in a flying suit as the interviewer says, “Are you happy with how the costume looks, given how…”

Anthony Mackie cuts in with emphatic “No! I am very upset. When you sign on to a superhero movie, you want to be a superhero. You want spandex, you want that! … That is why you sign on to a superhero movie. … That’s what you want. Man, I went into it, I’m like I want the wings, I want the bird, I want all this sh**. You know, cuz you want little kids for Halloween to dress up like you.”

The interviewer says, “And it could have gone quite wrong.”

Anthony Mackie cuts in again, “It didn’t have to go all the way wrong.”

The rest of the interview is above.

What do you think of what Anthony Mackie said about his costume in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

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