Apple Building Chipsets In Orlando? Company’s Job Posting Points To Florida

Is Apple about to launch a chip development facility in Orlando, Florida? That appears to be the company’s motives following several recent job postings. The jobs mosta surround the developments and testing of processors.

In one job ad, Apple seeks a “GPU Csim/Reference Model Engineer” who would specialize in “modeling GPU hardware.”

The job listing also notes that iOS wound run on “pre-silicon platforms.”

In the Orlando job listing, Apple also seeks two individuals who would be involved in design verification. According to the posting, employees would “develop verification plans, create verification test bench components, generate tests, run simulations, and debug design issues.”

It is not clear at this time if Apple will handle research & development in Orlando, Florida but move production elsewhere or keep the entire process from conceptualization to production in-state.

Analysts believe Apple may use the new facility in Orlando to create its next generation A-series processor for iPhone and iPad enabled devices. Apple has taken the production of A-series processors away from Samsung and recently handed the contract to TMSC.

Apple has been posting and removing job listings at break-neck speed lately, hiring everyone from fingerprint recognition specialists to display experts and now CPU engineers.

Apple, Inc. has always held tight controls over its product lines, and, in 2013, it appears that Apple is planning to put more of that production back into its own hands.

While much of the industry’s R&D is completed in Silicon Valley, California, there are other CPU manufacturers in the Orlando area, namely AMD, which houses some of its research and development teams in the city.

Do you think Apple will be able to successfully control its own A-series line without the production help of Samsung and other more experienced CPU teams?