Tamra Judge Felt Betrayed Because Shannon Beador Stopped Talking To Her Following ‘RHOC’ Exit

Tamra Judge opened up about her post-TheReal Housewives of Orange County life, saying that she felt betrayed by her former pal Shannon Beador.

Tamra claimed after it was made public that she and Vicki Gunvalson, the third member of the so-called Tres Amigas, weren’t returning to the show, Shannon gradually stopped reaching out, as All About the Real Housewives reported.

She said that the distance has been particularly upsetting, since she made an effort to be there for her former BFF when she was going through her divorce.

Now, the two reportedly haven’t spoken since February.

Vicki and Tamra were both fired by Bravo ahead of the 15th season of the show, leaving their friend behind as the only one of their group still on the reality program.

During Season 15, Kelly Dodd — who was a former enemy of the three friends — became close with Shannon.

However, a big blowout didn’t lead to the shift in their friendship. Tamra said she needed her friend because she was going through some difficult life events, including leaving the lucrative Housewives franchise behind.

On top of that, her ex-husband Simon Barney was diagnosed with cancer and going through treatment, all while Tamra was in the process of moving.

“Like there were so many changes at once, and I just wanted a friend to talk to. And I was calling her, and she would send me to voicemail, over and over,” Tamra said.

When she finally got ahold of her former cast mate, they had a good conversation, but that was the last time they had spoken.

“I just feel betrayed. I feel like I was always there for her, and I had no problem being there for her, and she wasn’t an easy person to deal with when she was going through the divorce.”

But while they used to talk multiple times every day, “as soon as she knew Vicki and I weren’t coming back, we just, the calls just kind of dwindled, and then finally it was no phone call at all,” Tamra explained.

If she had done the same thing when Shannon was going through her divorce, Tamra added, she felt that her former BFF would have been extremely upset.

Tamra has spoken in the past about her friendship status with her former cast mates, saying that she missed some of those in her group of pals, but that she and Vicki were still in regular contact.

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