Facebook Video Ads Coming To News Feeds

Facebook Video Ads

Are you ready for Facebook video ads to start appearing in your news feed? We have known for months that the social giant was prepping the ads, and a new report now suggests they are almost ready for primetime.

According to the report, Facebook is in talks with various agencies who would become responsible for filling the available ad spaces upon initial launch.

Under terms of Facebook’s agreement, users would be hit with as many as three video ad units per day. Those videos would appear in four different ad location options.

According to AdAge, Facebook has not finalized the video format that will be used. It is believed that Facebook will automatically play videos and that they will show on the right-hand side of the user’s Facebook news feed.

While the desktop version will showcase Facebook Video Ads, the social network is not believed to be ready for a mobile ad version. Mobile video ads can be more tricky since many users don’t want their already over-priced mobile data going towards Facebook video ads. Facebook could lower the quality of mobile videos, offer shorter viewing times, or do away with mobile video ads over the short-term.

Ad agency executives have been claiming that Facebook will cap the ads at just 15 seconds each. The social network leader is believed to be asking for $1 million per spot per day. If the rumors are true, Facebook Video Ads will arrive in June or July.

A total of $4 million per day would mean almost $1.6 billion in extra ad revenue for the social network each year.

Facebook may be able to draw some advertisers away from paying TV ad spots. The real question, however, is whether or not the company can serve video ads without distracting from all of the other ads it now tries to cram down users’ throats.

We should have Facebook video ads confirmation soon. The company is known to roll out its platform slowly to select users before release it out of beta form.

Will you leave the social network if Facebook video ads take over your news feed?