Impact Wrestling News: Booker T Recalls Dixie Carter ‘Getting Busy’ With Talent

As documented by Ringside News, Booker T discussed his TNA — which is now called Impact Wrestling — experience on the latest episode of his Hall of Fame podcast. During the episode, he recalled how Dixie Carter — who was the president of the company during his time there — was prone to partying with the male wrestlers.

According to Booker, she used to hang out at bars with the male wrestlers. He also said that when she was with the performers, the “water” got “hot.” He didn’t reveal the exact nature of Carter’s antics, but his words did insinuate that she was acting unprofessionally.

“I don’t know what Dixie was doing but she seemed like she was living out her MILF’s dream. Serious man. Dixie was getting busy. I’m not going to say what she was doing, but Dixie was definitely, how do you say it back in the day? Hot to trot. I don’t know. She had the makeup and everything on. I don’t know how much writing she was doing for the show.”

Booker went on to talk about how she had a large party at her house after a random show. According to the Hall of Famer, she threw the event for the sake of it. There was no impetus for a celebration other than having a good time. That’s when Booker believed that the company was in trouble, as the business was “secondary.”

Booker said that he can “count” the number of times he’s thrown celebrations for his own wrestling promotion. In his view, there should be some separation between management and the roster.

Booker T poses with a championship

He also said that management having regular parties with the talent sends the wrong message. According to Booker, “business and pleasure” don’t go together. However, he also believes that she was throwing the events in an effort to keep performers around. By giving them something, they may have been more inclined to agree to a long-future with the promotion.

In Booker’s opinion, this was an admirable move but not always a wise one. He discussed how Carter had a big heart, but she wasn’t necessarily making wise business moves. He compared the wrestling industry to shark-infested waters, and her methods didn’t work out in the end.

Carter stepped down from her position in 2016 after Billy Corgan acquired the company and initiated some restructuring. He has since stepped down as well. Carter, meanwhile, still owns stakes in the promotion and has remained on board as an advisor to the current staff members.

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